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Funds through divisive visa system helped SD dairy

Foreign investment through controversial visa program helped South Dakota dairy start stronger

5 Ways Men Can Prevent Most Heart Attacks

No surprise here: A recent study says men can reduce their risk of heart attack by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes daily exercise.

Kris Jenner Files Divorce Papers

Sadly, Kris Jenner filed divorce papers, and ultimately dashed any hopes that her and Bruce Jenner would reconcile after their separation.

What's Behind Chris Cristie's Weight Loss?

Chris Christie has lost 85 pounds since his weight loss surgery last year Some speculate it's a sign he'll make a presidential run

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Farrell, Vaughn set for 'True Detective' season 2

Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn to star in season 2 of HBO's 'True Detective' series

Mo'ne Davis to donate jersey to BB Hall of Fame

Little League star Mo'ne Davis headed to BB Hall of Fame; will donate her LLWS jersey

Brock Huard's QB Rankings

ESPN Insider Brock Huard gives a sneak peak at some QBs that have surprised him this season, and whether or not we're seeing a repeat of the 1997 QB race between Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf.

Sierra Leone: 130 Ebola cases found in lockdown

Sierra Leone finds 130 confirmed cases of Ebola during lockdown, considering another shutdown

Mexico sees sign of hope for Monarch butterflies

Mexico sees tentative sign of hope as Monarch butterflies show up early

Underwater Research Team Finds Strange Sea Worm

The exploration vessel called Nautilus is seemingly leading the way in ocean observation

ACLU sues over Arizona 'revenge porn' bill

ACLU sues over Arizona bill targeting 'revenge porn,' calling it too broad, unconstitutional

Soda makers pledge to reduce calorie consumption

Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper pledge to reduce calorie consumption with smaller sizes, diet drinks

Man charged with threatening to take over ranch

Montana man charged with threatening to take over ranch he lost in 1979 divorce

Hemp crop from detained seeds harvested in Ky.

Hemp seeds detained by federal government in spring turn into 1st harvested crop in Kentucky

How Assad Benefits From U.S. Airstrikes in His Backyard

U.S.-led strikes on ISIS work to Bashar al-Assad's advantage in his fight against the Syrian opposition trying to overthrow him.

Kendall Jenner Called "Too Fat For Runway"

Kendall Jenner has been facing a slew of controversy for her modeling career. Reports of bullying at New York Fashion Week, only getting jobs because of Kim and Kanye, and now a new report has surfaced. According to Australian magazine Famous, Kendall is being called "too fat" to be a runway model.

Flu Shots Are More Important Than You Think

If you aren't planning on getting you or your kids a flu shot this year, hopefully this will change your mind

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J. California Cooper, prolific writer, dead at 82

J. California Cooper, award-winning writer, playwright from California dies in Seattle at 82

Mayweather says reality show not so real

That's entertainment: Mayweather says Showtime reality show before fight wasn't so real

Arian Foster Hamstring Injury Lingering

ESPN NFL Insider Ashley Fox discusses Texans running back Arian Foster's comments about his recovery from a hamstring injury.

Obama: No nation has 'free pass' on climate change

Obama pledges new US climate change initiative, says no nation gets 'free pass' on issue

Cadillac to ditch Detroit for trendy NYC address

Hello, SoHo: Cadillac HQ moves from Detroit to New York in search of luxury marketing muscle

Police: UPS gunman had been fired before shooting

Police: UPS gunman had been fired the day before killing 2, then himself at Alabama warehouse

Obama urges world to follow US lead on climate

Obama urges other nations to join worldwide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

China Condemned for Uighur Scholar's Life Sentence

China's sentencing of a moderate Uighur scholar to life in prison has drawn international condemnation and could ignite further Uighur conflict.

Beyonce's Intimate Pregnancy Photo

During Bey and Jay's "On The Run" Tour HBO special, very personal and intimate photos and videos are shown as Queen Bey belts out "Halo." One of those intimate photos was Jay holding Beyonce as she stood there, pregnant and topless.