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Woman who stabbed pencils in eyes sues over photo

Women who stabbed pencils in eyes during suicide attempt sues Los Angeles County over photo

Mexican Mayor Linked to Students' Disappearance Disappears

The mayor of the Mexican town where 43 students disappeared last month has been linked to drug cartels that helped in their disappearance.

Demi Lovato Says Taylor Swift Is One of Her Few Celeb Friends

Demi Lovato admits Taylor Swift is one of the few celebrities she is friends with.

Successfully Working From Home

Today, 2.8 million self-employed Americans work from home, while another 3.3 million workers consider their homes their primary workplace

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Halle Berry: Underneath, most women love underwear

When it comes to lingerie, Halle Berry says women buy it for themselves, not their partners

Judge questions $75M NCAA concussion settlement

Judge raises questions about focus, scope of $75 million NCAA concussion settlement

Titans To Start Mettenberger At QB

Mark Dominik discusses the Titans' decision to give quarterback Zach Mettenberger the start against the Texans this weekend.

CDC details new Ebola response and prep teams

CDC details teams being put together to prepare for _ and respond to _ future Ebola cases

Swiss scientists determine comet's 'perfume'

Smells like mean spirits: Swiss scientists determine comet's 'perfume'

Early Apple Computer Sells For $905K At Auction

Early Apple-1 computer sells for $905,000 at auction in New York, far exceeding expectations

Nokia turnaround since handset unit sale continues

Nokia sees third-quarter turn to profit as sales grow after sale of phone unit to Microsoft

Report: Total CEO's plane almost escaped crash

Investigators: Total chief's plane almost escaped crash; Vnukovo Airport chief, deputy resign

Driver attacked after ice cream truck kills boy

Los Angeles ice cream truck runs over, kills 7-year-old boy, prompting crowd to attack driver

Man faces new charges after forced labor case ends

Michigan brings child abuse charges for man whose forced labor conviction was thrown out

Oldest Bone Ever Sequenced Shows Human/Neanderthal Mating

A 45,000-year-old thighbone is showing when humans and neanderthals may have first interbred, and revealing details about our origins.

Teresa Giudice Will Serve Sentence in 'OITNB' Prison

Teresa Giudice got her wish! She will serve her time in the clink in the 'Orange is the New Black' jail.

Avoid These Secret Credit Card Fees

There are lots of secret actions that will generate an extra charge on your monthly billing statement

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Massive cheating scandal at UNC involved athletes

Massive cheating scandal at UNC scandal included athletes, fake classes and automatic grades

Urlacher: Cutler Elite In Salary Only

Mark Dominik discusses comments by former Bear Brian Urlacher indicating that Jay Cutler hasn't produced like an elite quarterback.

US announces $840M to improve medical care

Feds announce $840M grant program to improve deliver of medical care

Goofy dinosaur blends Barney and Jar Jar Binks

Not so scary now: New bones show mysterious dinosaur was really a goofy duckbill giant

Eurozone survey rise does not ease recession fears

Recession fears for eurozone remain despite surprising improvement in key survey

Ohio State: Fired band director was dishonest

Ohio State says fired band director proposed disciplining assault victim, misled investigators

Maine man's ashes launched into space

Space is latest destination for Maine man's ashes that have been scattered all over the world

Tesco Chairman Resigns Over $420 Million Accounting Error

The chairman of Britain's largest supermarket chain says he plans to resign after an accounting error resulted in a massive profits overstatement.

Kendra Baskett Calls Hank's Audio Leak a 'Straight Setup'

Kendra Baskett is still on 'Team Hank' despite that incriminating audio being released!