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Ferguson gives thanks after a quiet night

Ferguson gives thanks for community, dressing up plywood on windows and saying a prayer

The Risks, Rewards of Ginsburg Staying on the Bench

Both sides of the aisle are discussing the importance of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent health procedure and whether she'll continue working.

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

Colder weather can leave our skin really dry. So, we've turned to celebrity esthetician, Joanna Varga, for her favorite four ways to keep our skin hydrated and dewey this winter. Two of them are easy DIY's!

Mortgage Rates Fall Once Again

Mortgage rates sneaked lower this week ahead of Thanksgiving and amid a bevy of reports that showed a mixed economic picture

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US celebrates Thanksgiving with parades, turkey

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with Macy's parade, early shopping deals, loads of turkey

Johnson shines in Detroit's 34-17 win over Chicago

Calvin Johnson lifts Lions with big first half, Detroit beats Bears 34-17 to snap 2-game skid

Dish And Go Dunk

2H (9:42) TENN Jabari McGhee made Dunk. Assisted by Armani Moore.

Liver transplant recipient marks 25th anniversary

1st live-donor liver transplant recipient in the US marks 25 years since operation

Lab-coated Muggles use Harry Potter to study brain

No wizardry here: Scientists turn to Harry Potter to see what a healthy brain does as it reads

Dodge These Six Quick Cash Traps

Here are six traps you would do better to avoid if you don't want to pay a big price

Hackers force message on websites via US firm

Syrian hacker group hijacks US social media company website, posts message on visitors' sites

Argentina charges HSBC with aiding tax evasion

Argentine tax agency files criminal complaint against HSBC for 4,000 undeclared Swiss accounts

Flight 93 chapel closed after being struck by car

Flight 93 memorial chapel closed after fatal 2-vehicle crash sends car into its wall

Expectant mom struck by car dies; baby born alive

Police: Expectant mom sitting outside drugstore dies after driver jumps curb, baby born alive

Pele Hospitalized and Nobody Is Sure How He's Doing

The soccer legend Pele is in the hospital, after being admitted for a urinary tract infection. But nobody seems quite sure how he's actually doing.

Melissa McCarthy Is Launching Fashion Line for ALL Body Types

Melissa McCarthy originally planned to be a fashion designer, instead of an actress. Now, she's going back to her roots by launching a fashion line for all body types. See what Melissa has to say about her new line here.

Civil Rights Heroes Honored 50 Years Later

Fighting for equality mean a death sentence, but this week it also led to recognition. Christiane Amanpour has the story

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Pele doing 'fine' after move to special care unit

Pele doing 'fine' after being taken to special care unit to treat urinary tract infection

Neighborhood Top Plays

"SportsCenter" looks at some of the top fan-generated plays from around the country.

Reading Harry Potter gives clues to brain activity

Perusing Harry Potter for science? Scans show brain activity as readers get caught in a story

Lawmakers may decide Uber's place in Nevada market

Gypsy cabs or wave of future? Lawmakers may decide Uber Technology's place in Nevada market

For some, location of Brown's hands irrelevant

'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' becomes rallying cry despite questions whether hands were raised high

Central Florida family rescued from state forest

Central Florida family rescued after getting stranded while riding trails in state forest

British Crime Novelist P.D. James Dead at 94

P.D. James passed away at her home in Oxford Thursday. The "Queen of Crime" is perhaps best known for her character detective Adam Dalgliesh.

Why Carrie Underwood Never Goes Without Makeup

You won't believe this, but Carrie Underwood does her own hair and makeup while on tour! See why she never goes without makeup at home.