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Austin police kill gunman who targeted buildings

Austin police fatally shoot man who opened fire on downtown buildings; possibly had explosives

Winners and Losers of OPEC's Fuel Quota Decision

OPEC makes a non-move with a decision to keep its barrel quota steady next year sending barrel prices downward.

Kim Kardashian’s 10 Life Lessons For Daughter North

Kim Kardashian has the ultimate accessory: her daughter North. She’s already teaching her impossibly cute daughter some important life lessons. Here are the 10.

Mortgage Rates Fall Once Again

Mortgage rates sneaked lower this week ahead of Thanksgiving and amid a bevy of reports that showed a mixed economic picture

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Hospital says Pele's condition is improving

Brazilian hospital says Pele's condition continues to improve as he undergoes kidney treatment

Mega Day For Johnson

Tedy Bruschi breaks down the adjustments made to improve the Lions' offense and Calvin Johnson becoming the fastest in NFL history to 10,000 yards receiving during Detroit's 34-17 win over Chicago.

Liver transplant recipient marks 25th anniversary

1st live-donor liver transplant recipient in the US marks 25 years since operation

Volcano in south Japan erupts, disrupting flights

Volcano in southern Japan blasting magma in first eruption in 22 years, disrupting flights

10 Things to See: A week of top AP photos

10 Things to See: A gallery of lasting moments chosen by our editors

Hackers force message on websites via US firm

Syrian hacker group hijacks US social media company website, posts message on visitors' sites

Germany signs no-spy deal with BlackBerry

Germany signs no-spy deal with BlackBerry, OKs purchase of encryption specialist Secusmart

Woman hurt by rock dropped on car has 6th surgery

Ohioan hurt by rock dropped from Pennsylvania overpass has 6th surgery, celebrates birthday

BLACK FRIDAY LIVE: Updates from start to finish

What's going on at various stores on the traditional start to the holiday shopping season

Is Kim Jong Un's Sister Being Groomed for Leadership?

Kim Yo Jang's senior government position could be Kim Jong Un's way of maintaining the Kim family dynasty.

Why so few women in India's workforce?

More women in the workforce would increase India's growth. CNN's Mallika Kapur reports.

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Sherman's big night leads Seattle past 49ers again

Richard Sherman makes 2 interceptions as Seahawks beat 49ers 19-3 in NFC West rivalry

Should The Cowboys Have Left Romo In?

Tedy Bruschi breaks down the Cowboys' 33-10 loss to the Eagles in which Tony Romo threw for 199 yards and two interceptions.

Lab-coated Muggles use Harry Potter to study brain

No wizardry here: Scientists turn to Harry Potter to see what a healthy brain does as it reads

Lawmakers may decide Uber's place in Nevada market

Gypsy cabs or wave of future? Lawmakers may decide Uber Technology's place in Nevada market

OPEC decision still reverberating round markets

Energy stocks hit by falling oil prices following OPEC decision; airlines though stand to gain

NY boys rescued from snow aided by air pocket

Police: Upstate New York boys rescued from snow pile aided by air pocket

Maine fire captain's home damaged in fire

Maine fire captain's home heavily damaged in Thanksgiving Day blaze

Tryptophan Isn't Making You Sleepy on Thanksgiving

Tryptophan, a chemical found naturally in turkey meat, gets blamed for sleepiness after Thanksgiving meals. But science points to other culprits.

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

Colder weather can leave our skin really dry. So, we've turned to celebrity esthetician, Joanna Varga, for her favorite four ways to keep our skin hydrated and dewey this winter. Two of them are easy DIY's!