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State seeks to end rights of prisoner seeking abortion

Alabama seeks to end rights of pregnant prisoner seeking abortion

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Tesla is giving away a Model X

Knowing that word of mouth is helping the cars sell, Tesla is giving away thousands to buyers and existing owners who refer them. To sweeten the deal, Tesla will also give away a car. Brett Larson has details.

Twitter Stock Punished For CEO's Honesty

Twitter's stock plummeted after interim CEO Jack Dorsey was honest about the problems facing the company.

New 'Daily Host' host says tenor will change, not targets

New 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah says show's tenor will change, not its familiar targets

GOP presses Planned Parenthood aid ban, faces long odds

Republicans press Planned Parenthood federal funding ban, but 1 GOP senator likely to defect

Human fetal tissue long used for variety of medical studies

Scientists have long used human fetal tissue for research; stem cells haven't replaced it yet

California Guard uses drone to in search for missing teacher

California National Guard using drone to search for teacher last seen motorcycling in forest

Whole Foods: Sales hurt by bad publicity from overcharging

Whole Foods says bad publicity over NYC stores overcharging hurting sales

Relative: Family shot after offering help to stranded driver

2 in family killed, 1 wounded after offering help to stranded driver in Montana, relative says

Las Vegas attempts to tame rowdy Fremont Street experience

Las Vegas attempts to tame rowdy Fremont Street experience with dedicated zones for performers

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Yahoo launches 'Livetext', silent video chat

Facing competition from Snapchat, WhatsApp and others, Yahoo decided to add video to a new mobile messaging app. But how its used is unique. Brett Larson has the details.

Who Are The Top Terrorists Still At Large?

The U.S. war on terror has taken out several key terrorist figures in recent years, but several prominent names remain at large.

Mia Farrow faces Twitter backlash for lion dentist's address

Mia Farrow deletes tweet with lion dentist's business address in face of outrage

FDA approves stomach-filling balloon for weight loss

FDA approves medical balloon to treat obesity by filling up stomach

2 injection wells shut down after Oklahoma quakes

2 injection wells shutting down, 1 reducing activity after earthquakes in northern Oklahoma