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US ambassador says she's monitoring for Ebola

Temperature twice a day: US ambassador self-monitoring for Ebola after West Africa visit

What Not to Do in a Corn Maze

Getting lost in a corn maze can be scary. Authorities in Dixon, California, say they’re fielding 911 calls nearly every weekend.

Kris Jenner Says All Her Kids Were Chubby and Self-Consious

Kris Jenner has created some of the most perfect looking human beings on the planet, but she reveals before they were famous, they went through their awkward stages too.

Hands-Free Driving Put To The Test

Studies have shown that hands-free technology in today's cars increases mental distraction about as much as talking on a hand-held cellphone

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Former NBA player argues for conviction reversal

Former NBA player Tate George argues for reversal of federal fraud conviction

Drive Through: Weekend Preview

Heather Dinich and Antonietta Collins preview all the big college football games this weekend.

Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for nurse

Judge rejects Maine's attempt to restrict movements of nurse who defied Ebola quarantine

Rebuilt Hawaii town offers look at life after lava

Hawaii community once covered by molten rock shows how it's possible to live with lava

Ohio Man Detained In North Korea Returns To Work

Ohio man detained in North Korea returning to municipal job, criticized for risky travel

Sony's quarterly loss balloons on mobile woes

Sony says quarterly loss balloons to $1.2 billion on smartphone woes, sticks to forecasts

Colombians jailed in Venezuela for $15 grocery run

$15 grocery run lands Colombian women in Venezuelan jail as cross-border tensions rise

Details expected on Albuquerque police reforms

US officials, Albuquerque expected to release mandated reforms after harsh use-of-force report

$2.25M deal reached in hot NYC jail cell death

$2.25 million deal reached in NYC jail death of mentally ill man who died in 101-degree cell

More Babies, More Happiness? Maybe Not If You Have 3

So much for middle-child syndrome. A new study says happiness increases with first and second children but pretty much disappears with the third one.

Chelsea Handler Battles with Instagram Over Her Topless Photo

Chelsea Handler is on thin ice with the folks at Instagram. She has repeatedly posted a topless photo and she saying by taking it down, Instagram is sexist.

Six Ways To Scare Off Lenders

If you're still having trouble with credit, something on your credit report could be scaring lenders

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Michigan athletic director Brandon resigns

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon resigns

TCU At West Virginia

With No. 6 Alabama idle, No. 5 Oregon facing perennial heartbreaker Stanford, and No. 3 Auburn facing No. 4 Ole Miss, Heather Dinich thinks TCU could be in line for a big jump in the rankings.

Medicare paid for meds after patients were dead

Medicare rule allows payment for prescriptions up to 32 days after a person dies

Wolf-like animal seen roaming in northern Arizona

Wildlife officials look into animal resembling gray wolf roaming northern reaches of Arizona

EU confirms North Korea invite for rights visit

EU confirms North Korea's invitation for groundbreaking visit by top human rights official

Parachutist rescued from Missouri television tower

Firefighters rescue parachutist caught on wires of Missouri broadcast tower

Matt Light Scares the Heck Out of Hotel Patrons

Former pro football player Matt Light teamed up with Marriott and pranked people checking into a hotel by posing as a mannequin.

JLo Reveals Abusive Relationship

Jennifer Lopez has a lot to say in her new memoir! She reveals she was once in an abusive relationship